Jerico Mandybur

You are right where you're meant to be.

Are you looking for answers? Feeling stuck? I know that feeling. Not long ago, I was exactly where you are now; exhausted. I found strength in magic; in reconnecting to my higher self, and the universe I was a part of. I've made it my life's mission to inspire and heal others, as I heal myself. 

~ Tarot readings ~
~ Transformational coaching ~
~ Healing + inspiration ~

I do this through helping you deepen your connection to source, through intuitive counsel, through the written word, and through guiding you towards a profound shift in your energy by clearing cloudy mindsets. Because only when the view's cleared, that we begin to see our purpose. 

One on one spiritual guidance with author, media figure, and boss witch, Jerico Mandybur

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“A mentor with an impressive resume... who isn’t slowing down anytime soon.” — MyDomaine

"Mandybur takes a closer look at how women today are defining self-care and spirituality for themselves." —Refinery29

"Self-help strategies I can incorporate into my own life." — The Guardian

If you’re starting to think there’s “more to life,” if you’re ready to fully own your mission, if you’re realising—more and more—that you’re ready to know your higher self on a deeper and more enriching level: You’re in the right place. Let’s make some magic.

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